Over The Rainbow

Ok, here we go. Hello! So, this is my first blog post here. Wow! The reason why I say here is because I’ve owned another 2 previous blogs. Eek. As you may have guessed they didn’t go very well. The first post always was a big hit, but instead of my fan base getting bigger it kind of started getting smaller. And by small I mean 0 views. I know, what a weirdo-trying to start again-but maybe with a fresh, new start I could maybe make some progress. A tickle ickle bit, but I suppose that’s something.

Another hard thing about blogging for me is my age. I’m 11-the majority of successful bloggers are teens to late 20’s. It’s just, I don’t think I have as much freedom as they do. But I’ll get their-if you guys can help me! And it’s pretty simple to help too, just follow, comment and like my posts. And if you want to be a little angel-maybe even share this page on social media! (That reminds me-be part of the #snapsquad🌈 by adding me on snapchat, at icrawleyxox).

I understand that this has been a very short post, but it’s only the first one (I’ve got waaay more to come!) Make sure to check out the video of the month!

Izzy X



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